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Importance of a Quality Website for Tax Prep Firms

One of the best ways to showcase your expertise as a tax preparer is to invest in a quality website. Building a new website can help you reach many more potential clients and even give you an edge over competitors. Focusing on increasing your online presence helps to establish credibility, and it’s well worth the effort for a tax preparation service. Learning more about the many advantages of a responsive web design is always a good idea if you are still undecided.


Here are the main benefits of building a fast website for your tax preparation service:


Create a Strong First Impression


Making a solid first impression on potential clients is always essential for a tax preparer. A professional website with a modern design is one of the most effective ways to make a strong impression. Each visitor to your website can quickly learn more details about your company while understanding your tax preparation service better. You can choose from a wide range of tax prep website templates that will save you time in designing your site while creating a good user experience.


Modern Design with Fast Loading Pages


Creating a good user experience is necessary if you want to grow your business. A modern web design with a fast page loading speed makes it much easier for you to attract ideal clients. On the other hand, a slow site makes it nearly impossible for visitors to learn more about your company. Fortunately, you can increase web page loading speed in many ways, such as optimizing your images, decreasing your redirects, and enabling browser caching.


Test Both Mobile and Desktop Versions


A website for your tax preparation service needs to be optimized for mobile and desktop users. Both options for visitors create a seamless experience, whether using a mobile device or a desktop computer. Testing both possibilities is essential for creating a good user experience, as the goal is to develop a fast website for desktop and mobile users. A responsive web design will result in a speedy website that works on any version.


Maximize Your Outreach by Building a New Website


A tax preparer can only reach a certain number of local clients before they reach their limit. However, building a website with a modern design is an excellent way to extend your outreach by attracting clients across the nation. A website for your tax preparation service can potentially connect you with an almost unlimited supply of clients, which can play a crucial role in your company’s growth. All you need to do is focus on creating a well-designed site to maximize your outreach.


Build Stronger Relations with Clients


A website for a tax preparer is a great way to build stronger relations with your client base. For example, you can publish weekly blog posts, videos, or case studies to highlight your expertise while providing your audience with helpful content. Consistently publishing quality content is also a great marketing tool that can help you rank for different terms related to your industry. Over time, you will likely notice increased traffic to your site if you keep creating new content.


Gain a Competitive Edge


The accounting industry is highly competitive, as a website can play an essential role in separating your services from other businesses. You can use your website to establish your expertise and experience while discussing your available benefits. Showcasing reviews from past clients is also a great way to build trust and credibility. Providing free content is another key aspect to separating yourself from the competition, such as creating blog posts that answer common tax-related questions.


Closing Thoughts


A website is one of the top marketing tools for a tax preparer. A responsive web design is an excellent way to create the best user experience while extending your outreach to a global audience. You can even use your website to showcase your expertise by following a content marketing strategy that will help you rank higher in all the leading search engines. Optimizing and testing your site for desktop and mobile users is also vital in attracting a wide range of clients. You can choose from numerous tax prep website templates or work with a web design agency to create a modern design that best matches your needs.


As well as being the nation’s top tax-prep software provider, the professional team at Sigma Tax Pro also provides industry-specific website design and hosting for professionals looking to reach a specific target audience and provide them with the info for which they are searching. We will design/host your website so that it provides insight pertaining to industry specifications – We’ll either give your current website an industry-specific makeover or build your tax office an optimized site from start to finish.


To get started with client expansion via an industry-specific website and/or hosting services, please visit us online at Sigma Tax Pro.

Professional Tax Articles

Should Tax Preparers Discuss the Odds of Being Audited with their Clients?

One of the primary goals of many tax preparation services is to reduce the chance of their self-employed clients being audited by the IRS. Asking a few questions and gathering enough information is key to decreasing the odds of getting audited. Taking the time to perform these steps requires more effort, but it’s well worth it for a tax preparer. Understanding how to limit IRS audit red flags creates a much better experience for both the tax preparer and the client.

Who Gets Audited by the IRS the Most?

The odds of being audited are significantly increased for self-employed taxpayers if they continue to take a loss on their business each year. However, the client is most likely safe from auditing if they report a profit for at least three out of five years.

It’s also essential for a tax preparer to report any amount of income from a self-employed client. Many clients falsely believe that their income isn’t taxable if it is under $600 for the year. Ultimately, self-employed taxpayers have much more leniency while filing taxes, which is one of the main reasons that they are under greater scrutiny.

Discussing Your Client’s Chances of Getting Audited

The chance of getting audited by the IRS always increases if there are several or glaring red flags. Professional tax preparation services will look at avoiding these red flags while ensuring that all information is accurate. A few of the standard IRS audit red flags include the home office deduction, large deductions for meals and travel, an inflated income, or income loss each year.

Reaching out to your self-employed clients to discuss the chances of getting audited by the IRS is vital in preparing them for this ever-present possibility, especially if they show several red flags on their tax returns. Typically, only one percent of taxpayers making less than $200,000 can expect to be audited. Of course, this percentage can be significantly higher for taxpayers who include any “oversized” deductions on their return.

A taxpayer that earns more than $1 million each year has a 12% chance of getting audited, while those earning between $200,000 and less than $1 million have a 4% chance of getting audited by the IRS. An experienced tax preparer can ensure that information gathered remains accurate as to avoid red flags. Of course, it’s still possible to be audited even if you don’t have any errors or red flags present on your taxes.

What Can Clients Expect During the Audit Process?

Taxpayers often misunderstand that an IRS representative will meet them at their front door to discuss an upcoming audit. However, the vast majority of audits are conducted through the mail instead of an in-person meeting. An initial letter will usually be received to provide instructions for contacting the IRS, while requesting additional information regarding your income, expenses, or any deductions.

Professional tax preparation services can help clients throughout this process to ensure they have all the documentation needed to support their claims. Tax preparers can work with self-employed clients to help them obtain all the required information while making the audit process less stressful. Enrolling in an audit assistance program is also an excellent option for making this situation more manageable.

What is an Audit Assistance Program?

Sigma Tax Pro offers an audit assistance program to guide clients throughout the audit process. Audit assistance will help clients receive the refund due, while covering Schedule A and Schedule C, without additional costs. This program will also manage all correspondence between the IRS and your client at a set fee. Sigma Tax Pro’s audit assistance program costs less than $60 for tax preparers, with preparers typically charging their clients an additional $39 above cost for these services, which is much more affordable than working with outside audit companies.

Final Thoughts

Knowing how to avoid an audit is often a top priority for tax preparation services. A tax preparer can help clients prevent audits by ensuring that reported information is accurate. However, it’s still possible for a self-employed taxpayer to eventually be audited by the IRS. Investing in an Audit Assistance Program from Sigma Tax Pro is the best way to simplify this process while helping your clients receive the refunds they deserve if they have been denied education credits, EIC, child credits, or similar.

Now is a great time to partner with a professional tax preparer at Sigma Tax Pro to learn more!