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A new product available to tax preparers can help taxpayers deal with the problems presented by an IRS audit; Audit Protection can be purchased by taxpayers and will offer invaluable assistance with audits and tax liabilities

DELRAY BEACH, Fla.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–One of the main concerns for any tax professional is what they should do in the event their client is audited by the IRS. An IRS audit can be a stressful and unwelcome experience; a new service now offers taxpayers assurance in the event this should happen. Tax professionals can offer Audit Protection by Sigma Tax Pro to their clients giving them relief from the stresses of the audit process.

In many cases, through no fault of their own, a taxpayer can end up owing money to the IRS; for many working people it can be difficult if not impossible to pay back money received from a tax refund. Audit Protection gives taxpayers up to $2,500 in reimbursement if their tax preparer made a legitimate error on their return. For example if a preparer failed to enter the taxable amount of retirement income leading to their client being assessed a tax liability they would be covered by Audit Protection. The taxpayer is covered for up to three years from when the return was filed.

IRS audits involve extensive requests for paperwork, many taxpayers will be overwhelmed by the forms they have to fill out and the documentation they have to provide. There are outside firms that can handle these requests for taxpayers but they usually charge over $100 per hour. Audit Protection handles all correspondence between the IRS and taxpayers giving them peace of mind and relief from this often stressful process. Assistance is also provided to taxpayers with debts to the IRS; Audit Protection will work to find a resolution to outstanding tax debt.

Sigma Tax Pro provides a full range of essential services for professional tax preparers. This includes industry leading software solutions as well as technical support, tax preparation support and client retention strategies. The Audit Protection program is offered to new and existing clients, it can also generate fee income for tax professionals.


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