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Sigma Tax Pro Alerts Tax Preparers To Reach Out To Their Clients Regarding EITC Verification Letters Sent From The IRS

Sigma Tax Pro provides very important alert for tax preparers regarding EITC letters from IRS.

Sigma Tax Pro alerts tax pros to proactively reach out to clients who may have received an EITC letter or notice from the IRS before they are no longer eligible.

As tax season is winding down, Sigma Tax Pro wants to remind tax pros to proactively reach out to their clients who applied for the Earned Income Credit this year, but have not yet received their refund. There is a chance that the taxpayer received a letter from the IRS that will delay the refund, and by reaching out to those clients and letting them know to be on the look-out for that letter, tax pros can reduce the delay as much as possible. This tax season saw more verification letters go out than prior years. Taking this action will not only help your client receive their refund, but if you elected to use a Refund Transfer product, it will ensure you receive your preparation fees in a timely manner as well.

Ian Gardner, of Sigma Tax Pro, encourages tax pros to think of the situation from the perspective of the taxpayer: “Many clients receive these letters from the IRS, and they either panic, or ignore them completely. As a tax pro, you can let them know the necessary steps to get their refund, as well as remind them you are available to help.”

A client may receive a letter or notice from the IRS for a number of reasons: if they qualify for EITC but have not claimed it on their return; if they need to verify their EITC claim; or if the client’s previous EITC claim was reduced or disallowed and they need to file Form 8862 to claim EITC.

Taxpayers and tax pros alike are reminded to be wary of anyone posing as an IRS agent, and should always report any suspicious activity. More information regarding fraud, identity theft, and phishing can be found on the IRS website.

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