Sigma Tax Pro Warns Summer Doesn’t Mean Scammers Take Time Off

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Sigma Tax Pro warns taxpayers that the scammers have recently redoubled their efforts to cheat innocent victims out of their hard earned dollars.


In a recent press release from the IRS, taxpayers are warned of a new scam targeting American taxpayers. As described, the scammers call the taxpayers and angrily demand a tax payment be made using a prepaid debit card. What sets this recent scam apart is that the taxpayer is told the IRS has attempted to send them notification via certified letters which have been returned as undeliverable. The culprits then go on to warn the victim that they will be arrested if the payment is not made immediately. They place increased pressure as well by specifically warning the taxpayer not to contact the IRS, their tax preparer, or an attorney before making the payment.

While it may seem obvious that this is a scam to some, many can fall victim to a high pressure call and threat of jail time. IRS Commissioner John Koskinen reminds taxpayers that “People should remember that the first contact they receive from the IRS will not be through a random, threatening phone call.” Ian Gardner, of Sigma Tax Pro also notes that, “While some state offices have outsourced their collection attempts, those private companies tasked with the job have multiple levels of verification available to ensure the taxpayers feel comfortable.”

If any tax preparers are confronted by their clients with issues like this, they can verify through a number of means. If a bank product was used on the return then the bank can help to verify that no refund was received. To verify any calls without the help of a tax professional, taxpayers are urged to consult the Electronic Federal Tax Payment System, which is a free service offered by the Treasury Department for paying taxes. The IRS also reminds taxpayers that since the system is automated, they will not receive any phone calls. The IRS also allows for multiple options for paying an authentic tax bill, and would never be required to use a specific method.

Taxpayers and tax pros alike are reminded to be wary of anyone posing as an IRS agent, and should always report any suspicious activity. If you suspect fraud, contact the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration to report the call. Use their IRS Impersonation Scam Reporting web page. Alternatively, call 800-366-4484.

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