Sigma Tax Pro Advises Tax Pros To Check For IRS Validation Letters

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The IRS is continuing its battle against identity theft, an issue that has affected tax professionals and taxpayers for some years now. It will begin sending letters in December to some users of the e-Services portal informing them they have to either go online or call the e-Help Desk to validate their identities. The goal is to verify that individual tax professionals’ identities have not been stolen.

Mitch Elbarki, CEO of Sigma Tax Pro advises tax professionals to be on the lookout for these letters, “It’s easy during the pressure of tax season to overlook or put these letters to the side but tax pros must respond immediately to these requests to avoid issues during season.” The IRS suffered a serious breach last year through the online Get Transcript service which was recently restored. They want to avoid any further issues next year and will continue to increase security for this reason.

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