Growing your business and minimizing your risk

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If you ask most business owners, they would say one of their main goals is growth. In the professional tax preparation industry it can be more challenging, due to the complex nature of the work, and the specific training required to do it correctly. Many tax pro’s state that they cannot find someone they can trust to open a second office, or take over a managerial role. With so much sensitive financial information available, office security needs to be a primary concern.

One great way to grow safely without being in multiple places at once is to work with a tax software that allows you to control every access level for things in your office, as well as review every file before it is submitted to the IRS for processing. As technology improves, and security becomes more of a concern, successful tax offices will be those that embrace the change and find new ways to use the many tools available. This is especially important if you have others working under a shared EFIN. The EFIN holder is ultimately responsible for what is on those returns, so being able to review and correct before they are submitted is very valuable. Certain professional tax software products offer the main office, or main ERO the ability to control every aspect of their office remotely without being in the physical location.

Keep these requirements in mind when choosing your software for the upcoming season.