Sigma Tax Pro and IRS Issue Warning to Tax Pros to Monitor Their PTINs

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Sigma Tax Pro implores tax pros to beware of suspicious activity regarding their Preparer Tax Identification Numbers.

In a recent effort by the IRS, they have teamed up with major tax prep chains as well as software developers in a “Security Summit” with the goal of combatting cyber-security threats. The IRS stated, via IRS.gov on August 9th, that online-criminals are targeting tax professionals in an attempt to steal client data, passwords for IRS eServices, electronic filing identification numbers, in addition to PTIN information. The IRS is planning to educate tax pros about the need for online security, as well as set new security standards industry wide. The IRS is relying, in part, on the ever increasing due diligence of individual preparers to monitor their own information.

Ian Gardner, of Sigma Tax Pro stated: “We hear about these types to thing every year, but hopefully this year we can come together as a tax prep community to be proactive instead of reactive, and effectively take on this problem.”

The main action that tax pros can take is to monitor the amount of returns filed using their PTIN, which will be reported on the IRS website. Tax pros will simply log in to their PTIN account and, within a few clicks, be able to see their records. This system will only report PTIN holders filing 50 or more tax returns from the Form 1040 series. According to the IRS, this information will be updated weekly, and should be monitored during tax season, as well as after.

If misuse is suspected, tax professionals are urged to complete Form 14157 and file a complaint with the IRS directly.

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