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Tax professionals should advise their clients that they may receive a letter from the IRS requesting them to verify their identity. There is a website that taxpayers can visit to complete the process, idverify.irs.gov. The IRS does not send the letter because of any wrongdoing on the taxpayer’s behalf but only when they have indications that identify theft may be taking place. The communication they will receive from the IRS will be Letter 5071C. When they access the verification site, they will have to answer a series of questions that only the taxpayers themselves could answer. They will then be asked to confirm that they submitted the return. If they did not, the IRS can then take action to protect the taxpayer.

The letter will be mailed via the U.S. Postal Service; the IRS will not communicate this information through emails or phone calls. If taxpayers receive phone calls regarding the letter from someone claiming to be the IRS, they can be assured it is not a legitimate call. The letter will contain a toll-free number that can be called if the individual does not wish to use the idverify.irs.gov site to complete the process. Jody Dovich of Sigma Tax Pro reminds taxpayers that there may be long hold times on the toll-free line during peak hours, so the website will always be the fastest and easiest option.

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