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The wait is over for taxpayers and tax professionals alike as tax seasons begins today. Americans waiting for their tax refunds can breathe a sigh of relief

DELRAY BEACH, Fla.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The delay in the beginning of the 2014 tax season caused by the US government shutdown in 2013 was not as bad as initially anticipated. There was some speculation that the tax season would not begin until early in February but the IRS confirmed in December that the official date would be January 31st. This is only one day later than 2013 tax season which began on January 30th.

Although the official date this year is January 31st many tax professionals have been diligently preparing their clients taxes in anticipation of this date. Professional tax software allows them to fully prepare their clients’ returns ahead of time and then submit them electronically when tax season begins. The IRS has also advised taxpayers that there is no advantage to submitting paper returns and recommends filing electronically.

The deadline for filing taxes is set by statute and will remain April 15th, however taxpayers do have the option to file an extension for up to six months. The IRS has also stepped up its efforts to fight identity theft this tax season and has provided extensive resources to help taxpayers on their website. It is important that all individuals take the threat of identity theft seriously whether they have been victims or not.

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